Kelvin - the Thermokennel

a warmer kennel means better rest and a happier dog

Kelvin - the Thermokennel

a rugged, easy-care kennel

Kelvin - the Thermokennel

for the love of dogs

Kelvin - the Thermokennel

keeping the absolute best temperature for your dog

He’ll be a happier, more productive dog with Kelvin – the Thermokennel

Just like people, dogs can freeze to death or suffer from heat stroke. Uncomfortable temperatures can release stress hormones and seriously impact the wellbeing and performance of your dog.
Working dogs are a critical asset to sheep and beef farms. Housing temperatures can impact dog performance and ultimately their effectiveness on the farm. Kelvin captures your dog’s body heat to keep it warm through a cold winter’s night.

The Thermokennel is an insulated kennel that captures and retains your dog’s body heat, keeping him warm through a cold winter’s night.

High-end insulation

Kelvin meets the latest insulation standards for New Zealand homes, creating a warm & dry micro-climate for your dog.

Weather protected

The one-piece design prevents water ingress. Durable and UV resistant construction ensures it’s waterproof, wind resistant, and weather tight.

Raised floor

A raised plywood floor means the wet, frost, and ground temperature won’t disturb the interior climate.

The Thermokennel is one-size-fits-most – suitable for the average working dog.

Rugged construction

Durable and rigid, Kelvin is made with an environmentally stable and UV-resistant plastic that won’t deteriorate or rot over time.

Easy to use

The Thermokennel has a removable front panel & floor for easy cleaning. The front can also be left off on hot summer days.

Secure in place

Through holes secure the kennel using hammered pegs or screwed fasteners.

"These kennels are always warm and dry, a snug fit for a big dog, any bigger and the body heat would be lost. My dogs sleep behind closed doors, the same as I do."

− Snip Prentice, Claverley

"I sleep well on a cold night, knowing that my dogs are warm."

− Georgie Guild, Quartz Hill Station

"These kennels give the dog a lift in their living conditions. Trouble is, they won’t get out of bed on a frosty morning – when they do, they come out steaming."

− Simon Todhunter, Ngaio Downs

"The amount of work a dog does on a farm is immense and any upgrade would be returned in the longevity of the dog and less sickness."

− Miles Anderson, Federated Farmers' meat and wool chairman

Insulation at the core

Care for your dog

An uninsulated kennel is like an uninsulated house. AsureQuality recommends a dog’s environment is kept between 15-26°C. Kelvin achieves this by capturing and retaining a dogs’ body heat through quality insulated walls & floor.

  • Waterproof
  • Weather tight
  • Wind resistant
  • Off the ground

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